GI Jane’s

GI Jane’s
We feel no pain
You try to break us
Only to make us
We walk tall and proud
Heads held high looking at the clouds
Our feet shuffel in time
We can change on dime
No time for girl talk
It’s time to walk the walk
Shoulders squared and straight
A backpack full of weight
We don’t wear diamonds and pearls
Our hair isn’t done up in curls
We’re GI Jane’s
And we don’t play games

Life is built on hope and dreams

Winter butterfly

Winter butterfly (Photo credit: @Doug88888)









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Life is built on hope and dreams

Not at all what it seems

We plan and we pray

Trying to shape the clay

Only to have it crack and shatter

Wondering if it really matters

Life is built on hope and dreams

Fluttering away on a butterfly’s wings

Mapping out our life day by day

Struggling to keep disappointments at bay

Trying to keep our hopes and dreams from tatters

Wondering if it really matters

Lost in a firestorm

I wore the uniform with pride
I walked the walk with my head held high
Although I never fought in a war on foreign soil
I fight a battle full of toil
Raped by those who are supposed to have your back
Wanting to hide in the cracks
Struggling to find a reason
Why did they commit such treason
They killed my soul and hope
Forever sliding further down the slope
Chasing the demons that consume my nights
Always ready to take flight
How do I find that which eludes me
When all I can do is flee
My scars do not come from IED’s or bombs
They came from maelstrom
The battle rages on lost in the firestorm
Fighting to conform
Holding on by the last rope
Trying not to give up all hope

Fighting Demons

Fighting demons in my brain
Trying to extinguish its fire
Grasping, clawling my way out
Trying not to go insane
Always striving higher
But flailing in doubt
I just want to hop a train
Leave behind all this mired
Giving up this bought
My hope has been slain
The demons grabbing tighter
Forcing me to shout
Losing the fight
Leaving me shyer
Feeling like a lout

Where did the time go?

Where did the time go?
You laugh and cry at the news
You watch your body change as the grow
You await the cry as they enter your life
They go from the baby that needs you
To the teen that knows everything
You miss the hugs and night time stories
The looks of admiration when you tuck them in
You long for the small hand that use to reach for you
As you watch them leave your cocoon
How soon your heart breaks as the spread their wings
Where did the time go you ask
Only to be answered by the silence that now surrounds you

Gods loving Trust

A candle flickers as it burns
A bird sings as it flies
The wind caresses your skin as it passes
A flower gives it fragrance so that all can enjoy
The river follows a known and trusted path
A baby’s cry gives us hope
Lovers holding hands kindle a fire within us
The ocean is splendid as it churns
A storm hides in a disguise
Laughter echoes behind the lasses
The young maiden’s glances are coy
The luscious green valley is encompassed of strath
The white snow glistens as it races down the slope
All these things are given in God’s loving trust

My world twist and spins in this darkness called PTSD

I search for the array of beauty that comes from a rainbow
I try to grasp the golden rays of light given by the sun
I reach for the hope given from prayers
I long to see the world through those rose colored glasses
I strive to see the beauty of a newborn child
I long to feel the love and laughter so many others take for granted
My rainbow is locked inside a twister that never ends
My sun is shrouded in darkness full of anguish
My prayers are locked inside a head full of doubt
My colored glasses are forever coated in black
A newborn child is pitied for the world it will live in
My ears and heart are dead to love and laughter
My world twist and spins in this darkness called PTSD